Drill & Blast Specialists

Providing specialist drilling and blasting services to the mining and resources industry in Western Australia. Rock on Ground Pty Ltd (ROG) is privately owned West Australian company specialising in controlled blasting practices, our key services include:


Drilling and Controlled Blasting for civil infrastructure projects, where rock excavation is required in close proximity to existing infrastructure such as:

  • rail lines
  • roads
  • pipelines
  • power lines
  • general infrastructure

Mining Projects

Drilling (top hammer and down hole hammer) and blasting for open pit mining projects, providing:

  • production
  • presplit
  • contour/pioneering
  • in-pit RC grade control


Rock on Ground also provides the following key additional services:

  • explosives supply:
    • bulk ANFO and Emulsion
    • initiating explosives
    • ANFO and emulsion MPU trucks
    • magazines
  • blast vibration and overpressure monitoring
  • Quarry Managers for civil blasting
  • drill & blast labour hire